How To Find Happiness

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Have you ever felt let down when you finally achieved a goal you have been striving for? I was explaining to someone that the disappointment they felt on achieving a goal was due to them using only their masculine energy, action, for the process of achieving their goal. Incorporating some  “being.” would completely change how you feel. In other words they were not enjoying the process or the journey to their goal. The question of how to find happiness is answered when we look internally and when we practice being present or in the ‘now’.

Genuine happiness seems to be elusive for many people.  In order to find happiness, ask yourself where is your focus? For most people the answer to this question lies in the outside world. Your external focus leads to unhappiness and a continual search for an elusive and indefinable state of being. The outside world or the world around you is a mirror of yourself, your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. The key to shaping and changing your situation is to focus on changing yourself. Look within.

Often people are searching for happiness. It is expressed as;

When I get/achieve (insert goal) that will make me happy.

I will be happy when (insert goal).

It is often material possessions and/or a soul mate that people believe will fulfill their desire and make them whole. The focus in both cases is external. Before you can form loving and intimate relationships you need to love and take care of yourself.  You are treated the way your beliefs allow and the perfect partner cannot be found until you acknowledge that you are perfect because your partner reflects you. When it comes to money you earn as much as your inner worth dictates. Close observation of others will show you that many people who exceed their perceived worth creatively find ways to lose that money.

Your soul chooses to manifest into the physical body you have today, to create, express and experience. To find happiness and become whole you need to do the following things.


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    Good point about not conditioning our happiness to a future outcome. Thank you for sharing


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