How To Be A Man

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Everywhere I look men seem to be in a dilemma. Women have come through the feminist movement and are now asserting their equality which is a good thing because we are all equal. However what we seem to be forgetting is that they are different. Men and women need to embrace their differences not hide them. Men and women need to be their own gender not their opposite. Last but not least they need to achieve a balance between their masculine and feminine energy.

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How To Be  A Man

Men are born with a dominance of masculine energy but without the balance of feminine energy a mans’ male condition will leave him weak, intimated by strong women, lonely and confused.

It appears that women all over the world have overcompensated for their unequal treatment and are now forcefully exploring their masculine energy.

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4 Responses to “How To Be A Man”:

  1. Alicat

    I was with a man for fourteen years and we had two children together. He put himself every time above me and his children. We didn’t last. He still puts himself above everyone unless there’s something in it for him. On female energy, you left out ‘giving’ which is one of the major female traits.

    • Aymen Fares

      That’s an unfortunate story. In my article i wrote, to put yourself first when it comes to the big things in life ie: follow your mission in life – i am not suggesting you neglect your family for selfish reasons.

  2. John

    We see gender stereotypes all around us. Each soul has a certain percentage of male energy and female energy, regardless of the gender.
    Why is sex and gender used interchangeably?

    • Aymen Fares

      You are correct, regardless of gender each soul as a unique balance of male and female energy. The focus of this article is on men and the fact that their male and female energy is often not balanced correctly.


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