How To Find Direction In Life

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This Is How To Find Direction In Life

Many people are lost and need to find their direction in life. Do you drift through your life aimlessly only to wake up occasionally and wonder what happened to the last few years? Do you ask yourself “why am I doing this?” Are you generally dissatisfied but are unsure why?

As a life coach I see people like this all the time. They generally work too hard and too many hours or they don’t work at all. Life is out of balance and they have lost touch with who they really are. This manifests in unhappiness and blunted capacity to feel – which is a bad state to be in because I believe that your feelings are the guidance system that you have been given to live your life.

You might feel this way and don’t even know that you have lost your direction in life. You may think that you are suffering from everyday procrastination, boredom and fatigue. That’s not the way life is meant to be lived. You are supposed to have endless energy and passion. Lets see what we can do to fix this situation.

how to find direction in life
There is a reason you have particular tastes and desires. There is also a reason that your tastes and desires are different to that of your neighbors, friends and family. You are unique and so it follows that your likes and aspirations are are also unique.
That’s the easy part – but as you live your life three things happen.

1. You face rejection, failure and loss. This makes you hide your true desire, ambition and love as a way to protect yourself from further hurt.

2. You feel emotional pain so you hide your feelings.

3. You conform with what others do. This makes you appear to “fit in” You don’t stand out anymore and it stops any further chance of rejection or feelings of inferiority.

Before you know it you are doing a job that you don’t like, living in an area that you didn’t choose, driving a car that is the same as everyone else and socializing with people you have nothing meaningful to talk about with. You disconnect and shut down. Years go by and you wonder why you are not happy.

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4 Responses to “How To Find Direction In Life”:

  1. Karin Hannah

    Thank you so much Aymen for this article. It contains so much good advice that I actually needed to read at this time. Thank you again.

  2. Marsha Sanchez

    I am glad i discovered YOU and I look forward to all the emails you send. I do read what you send, and believe me I have been so confused and not knowing what direction to g0 in, after keeping up with your emails and readings i feel so much better about myself and LIFE.


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