I Deserve To Be Loved

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Do You Deserve To Be Loved?

They are the words I often hear from clients – I deserve to be loved!

I was talking to someone recently and on the spur of the moment I helped her release a block in regard to relationships. After the block was removed and she came to the realization that she had been subconsciously blocking what she consciously wanted, she exclaimed “Now I can get the relationship I deserve!”

She meant, “I deserve to be loved”  “I deserve a fantastic relationship”

There are so many hidden meanings buried in the “deserve” phrase. The point is a phrase that contains “I deserve…” implies that you have worked hard and done many ‘good’ deeds in return you get what you desire.

I deserve to be lovedThings would be fine if you believe that you deserve everything. I deserve to be loved and I believe it. “Bingo” there it is. I have family and friends who all love me.

The problem is that most people believe that they don’t…

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  1. Hiba

    I am very pleasesd now thank you..I do this often and now I will try to avoid this with my children..I love thsm without conditions


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