Wealth Building

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Wealth  Building

Wealth building requires focus. It’s not for you if you are frightened, undisciplined, ignorant, or lost. It requires emotional strength and persistence.

So many people only fantasize about making more money and call it a prayer – but in truth this is called a wish. All you have done is watch a dvd of “The Secret” and then wonder why the universe is not delivering your fortune to you.

wealth building

As a Life Coach I see many people and I’ve listened to countless stories of how they’ve taken all of the steps to manifest more abundance into their lives and yet it just doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m looking in from the outside as a consultant so its obvious why your money hasn’t arrived.

You might be sabotaging your own wealth building success with the following;

Wealth Building Tips

  • You know how to spend but not how to save, invest or create with your money – Spending on its own is no problem but that might indicate a deeper issue of not knowing how to invest or do something creatively with your money other than just spending which may show an imbalance when it come to financial matters.

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