Wicca – eightfold path

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The Eightfold path of Wicca

The First Path:
Intention and concentration of intent. Mental imagery or visualization. Meditation

The Second Path:
Rising upon the Planes using the many trance states, better known today as "altered states of consciuosness" Projection of the astral body.

The Third Path:
The keys, rites, rituals, chants, spell casting, runes, charms, amulets, talismans, the magickal link

The Fourth Path:
Ritual wines, beverages, cakes, incense.

The Fifth Path:
The dances and kindred practices to raise the fiery cone of power.

The Sixth Path:
Warricking, breath control and kindred practices.

The Seventh Path:
The Ancient Rite of scourging to purify.

The Eighth Path:
The Great Rite. The physical and spiritual union of male and female to create life.

Authors Details: Wicca The Eightfold Path – Exerpt – The Grimoire of Lady Sheba

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