The Five Pillars Of Islam (Part 2)

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The Five Pillars Of Islam are as follows;

1. Iman
– Faith, which consist of the belief in:

(a) Allah (The Arabic name of God) and in Prophet Mohamed as His Messenger,

(b) God’s Angels,

(c) God’s Prophets and His Messengers

(d) God’s Books (e.g. Psalms of David, The Torah-Book of Moses-, the Bible and the Qur’an)

(e) The Day of Judgment.

2. Prayer – Muslims pray towards Mecca and perform the prayer five times a day at appointed times. This is in the early morning before the sunrise, at midday, in the afternoon, in the evening after the sunset and at nightfall.

3. Fasting – Muslims fast for thirty days of the month of Ramadan, each day from dawn to sunset, abstaining from all food, drink and sexual activities.

4. Almsgiving – The yearly contribution due at appointed time, given to poor people and those in need.

5. Hajj – The pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime for those who can afford it financially and are physically able to do so.

So, if Muslims observe the five Pillars of Islam and perform their duties with complete presence of heart, not performing them as mechanical actions, God will reward them and guide them to the right way.
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