The Elements

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The Elements – Fire
Cinnamon or Juniper incense

Passion, enthusiasm, desire , courage, force, lust, fertility , virility. Fire magick : to bring on the new and destroy the old

Season: Summer
Symbol: Sword, Candle ,Burner
Colors:Reds, Oranges, Golds.
Candle- Red
Stones- Banded agate, black agate, brown agate, red agate, amber, apache tear, asbestos, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, quartz crystal, diamond, flint, garnet, hematite, red jasper, lava, obsidian, onyx, pipestone, rhodocrosite, ruby, sard, sardonyx, serpentine, spinel, sulfur, sunstone, tiger’s eye, topaz, red tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, zircon.
Fire stones are used for protection, defensive magic, physical strength, magical energy, courage, will power (such as dieting), and purification
Bonfire Magick:burning something for example a piece of paper with your spell or an image for banishing, destroying
Candle Magick: simple easy and effective form to obtain your desire
Sun Magick : using the sun to enhance power,new beginnings,strength,control

The Elements – Air

Gems,stones,crystals,symbo Frankincense incense
Thoughts, reason ,intellect, memory, knowledge,freedom,Visualization

Season: Spring
Symbol : Wand, Athame
Color : yello,gold,white
Stones- Aventurine, mottled jasper, mica, pumice, sphene.
Candle- white
Mirror Magick: good for looking within,scrying

The Elements – Earth
East/ or North

stability, strength, warmth ,comfort, animals, farming,harvest. Earth Magick uses herbs and flowers,burying objects, drawing images in the earth, planting trees or plants,working with nature. Good for grounding

Season : Winter
Colors : Browns, Blacks, Greens.
Symbol: Pentacle ,salt ,grain ,stone.
Candles- Green
Stones- Green agate, moss agate, alum, green calcite, cat’s eye, chrysoprase, coal, emerald, brown jasper, green jasper, jet, kunzite, malachite, olivine, peridot, salt, stalagmite, black tourmaline, green tourmaline, turquoise.

Earth Stones related to this element are useful in promoting peace, grounding and centering of energies, fertility, money, business success, stability, gardening and agriculture.

The Elements – Water
Bowl of water

Emotions, feelings, intuition, insight,fertility, divination. Water Magick incorporates rivers,ponds,streams, the beach,sand, shells,seawater,mirrors. Intuition,scrying. Good for love spells.

Season: Autumn
Colors : Blue, Light Greys, Sea Greens ,White,silver.
Symbols: Chalice
Candle- Blue
Stones- Blue lace agate, amethyst, aquamarine, azurite, beryl, blue calcite, pink calcite, celestite, chalcedony, chrysocolla, coral, quartz crystal, geodes, holey stones, jade, lapis lazuli, moonstone mother-of-pearl, pearl, sapphire, selenite, sodalite, sugilite, blue tourmaline, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline.
Stones of this element are used in love rituals and for healing, compassion, reconciliation, friendship, purification, de-stressing, peace, sleep, dreams and psychism.

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