Tantra Yoga – Some General Considerations Part 2

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The Polarity of the Energy

…continued from Tantra Yoga – Some General Considerations Part 1

Tantra Yoga is pre-eminently a science of the polarity; the man and the woman are here the personification of the two fundamental cosmic poles: SHIVA – the Male consciousness, and SHAKTI – the Female manifestation. Therefore it is particularly important to remind a few elements concerning the polarity of the energy. Any energy of the manifestation (and therefore any thing, being, phenomenon, state) is composed of two distinct poles: the solar one (male, active, emissive, +, YANG), and the lunar one (female, passive, receptive, -, YIN). The condition of harmony, and therefore the aim of any method of spiritual development – Tantra Yoga included – is to reach a perfect balance of these two poles. The traditional teachings state that the unbalance of these two energies (solar (+), and lunar (-)), in whatever sense, creates the condition of disharmony that entails disturbance, disease, pain, limitation, and unhappiness. Their balance, on the other hand, creates a condition of perfect harmony, which is the springboard for the higher spiritual accomplishments. Here are some practical examples concerning the predominance of the two polarities in the manifested world:

the left side of the body, generally, is of lunar (-, YIN) polarity, while the right side of the body is generally of solar (+, YANG) polarity.

Women are generally predominantly charged with lunar (-, YIN) energy, while men are (or should be) prevalently charged with solar (+, YANG) energy.

Some food are charged prevalently with YIN (-, lunar) energy, while others are predominantly YANG (+, solar). This shows one of the several ways of balancing the YIN/YANG energies of the being, which is particularly accessible for the Westerners.

Tantra Yoga teaches that various other conditions of the environment (such as: cold/warmth, light/darkness, colours, etc.), as well as of the personal behaviour may entail a YIN (-, lunar), or YANG (+, solar) predominance.

The problem of the polarity of the energy is complicated by the fact that there can be found a related kind of polarity, between the telluric (or Earth’s) energy, and the cosmic one; this polarity is somehow different of the left/right, +/- polarity mentioned above. However, it is deemed symbolically that the telluric energy is also predominantly feminine, -, while the cosmic energy is male, +, although these two forms of energy may each have their solar/lunar (YIN/YANG) polarity.

In Tantra Yoga there are data concerning the polarity of the energy between a man, and a woman during the sexual union, in relation with the various “bodies”, or ranges of frequency of the being. Since we haven’t yet made a methodical study of this topic (of the various bodies), we’ll mention these information briefly for the time being.

Thus, at the level of the physical body (called in YOGA: ANNAMAYAKOSHA) the man is predominantly +, and the woman predominantly -. At the level of the etheric body (PRANAMAYAKOSHA), the woman is +, and the man -. On the astral plane (MANOMAYAKOSHA), the man is again +, and the woman -, while at the level of the mental body (VIJNANAMAYAKOSHA) the woman is solar, and the man is lunar. Meditating upon the various meanings of the solar/lunar polarity, deeper understanding of these brief statements will occur.

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