Stress Management Techniques – Stress Stoppers

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Stress Management Techniques – Stress Stoppers

Stress Management Techniques – Stretch

When you are under stress, tension accumulates in your neck and jaw. Take a minute to gently and slowly move your head from front to back, side to side, and in a full circle. For your jaw, stretch your mouth open and slowly move your lower jaw from side to side and front to back.

(NOTE: If you notice any pain or if you have had any injuries to your back, neck or jaw, check with your doctor first.)

Stress Management Techniques – Set a SMART Goal (and achieve it!)

Unrealistic goals that never seem to be reached add to your stress level. Try setting one goal for yourself this week using the SMART approach:

Specific – Pick one small goal and write it down. Measurable – Can you count it or check it off a list? Achievable – Is it realistic? If not, make it smaller. Rewarded – Decide how to reward yourself when you reach your goal. Time-limited – Set a specific, realistic date to finish or achieve your goal.

Stress Management Techniques – Comedy Break – Laugh at Stress

Set aside some time for laughter, your body’s natural stress-release mechanism. Rent your favourite comedy video. Tape a TV show that you know makes you laugh and keep it on hand for stress emergencies. Go to the library and borrow a book by an author who can make you laugh. Read the daily comics in the newspaper. Or, phone the funniest person you know!

Stress Management Techniques – Walking Breaks

Walk away from Stress Instead of sitting down for another cup of stress-inducing caffeine on your coffee break, lunch hour or when you’re at home…try going for a stress-relieving and energizing walk. If you don’t like walking by yourself, try forming a walking club with two or three of your co-workers or friends.

Authors Details: Canadian Mental Health Association Web Site

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