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9 Free Feng Shui Tips for Career & Business Success

• The first of the 9 feng shui tips is to place your desk facing the door; at a diagonal when possible

• Have a solid wall behind your back…NOT a window!

• Do not sit under beams, fans, air conditioners

• Do not have exposed bookshelves behind your back

• Do not sit with your back to the door!

• Avoid sharp objects on desk facing you

• Do not position desk up against a wall

• Never allow files to pile high directly in front of you

• No bonsai, cacti or other spiky plants in office

Free Feng Shui Tips About Mirrors

Mirrors should NOT reflect:

• Beds: Don’t put mirrors where they reflect the occupants of the bed. Brings in Third Parties (infidelity)

• Stairways: Interferes with positive flow of chi; and from a practical standpoint, it may be dangerous if you trip looking at yourself in mirror while walking down the stairs.

• Desks: Don’t let a mirror reflect the top of your desk. It magnifies the workload

Mirrors should reflect:

• Auspicious objects: Good fortune symbols

• Natural bodies of water such as rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans:
To draw in prosperity and good fortune.

• Short hallways to avoid “dead end”. (Put mirror at the end of the hallway.)

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