Contacting Spirit Guides

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Contacting Spirit Guides
Everyone on the planet has spirit guides we can call upon for assistance when we are in need of help. Although we may know that help is available, it is sometimes difficult to access it. Some of our guides are connected to past life experiences; they may be people we knew before. Others are guides who have been trained to help us eliminate a specific problem in our present lives, such as a health issue. No matter what category they fall into, guides’ intentions are to comfort, inform and nourish us.

Spirit is energy, and energy can take whatever form it is asked to take. Often we have a feeling that there is a presence around us, but we can’t seem to connect with it. Other times a thought pops into our heads that doesn’t appear to relate to what we were thinking about. We try to dismiss the thought, but it continues to linger in our minds.

The reason people have difficulty connecting with their guides is because we live within a third dimensional world. Our energy fields are denser than that of spirits, and unless we construct an avenue for spirits to make contact with us, it will be hard for them to communicate in a clear and meaningful way.

When I was a young girl, I used to feel a presence around me. I wanted to connect with it, but didn’t know what it was. I always loved stories about the fairies of the forests, and felt a deep kinship with them. One day while I was reading a book about them, I looked up and saw a leprechaun standing in front of me. For the next several days, I had dreams about this leprechaun. In the dreams, I was told to think about him while I was awake. Being an obedient child, I did as I was told, and eventually the leprechaun started appearing to me on a daily basis.

He told me that guides are energetic in nature, and require an avenue through which to enter into our lives. If the guide were the one to create the avenue, it might not resonate with the person he has come to assist. Guides will not interfere with our free will. They will wait patiently until we create a platform for them to enter on. He also said that this is only one way of many to establish contact.

If you would like to make contact with a guide, focus your thoughts on the type of character you have always resonated with. For me it was a leprechaun, for you it might be an Indian. Tell your guide to take the form of the character you envision. Do this daily. Give the character a name that you like. Calling him or her by this name creates a sense of unity. By weaving a reality that feels safe to you, communication between yourself and your guide is enhanced. Your guide is willing to be of service to you. All you need to do is ask.

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