Chakra Healing With Reiki

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Chakra healing with Reiki

Purpose: to absorb cosmic energy and distribute it evenly. (Energy transformers)

Chakra healing Reiki is a safe way to start the Kundulini process. As energy rises, life progresses from earthly to spiritual, a step in human growth. Yoga and Eastern meditation techniques also stimulate the Kundulini energy.

However, done without proper supervision and guidance of your own readiness, a surge of too much energy can be harmful (disorientation, depravity, physical pain, mental breakdown).

First Chakra—Root located at base if spine area of coccyx.

Issues: survival, security, safety, ability to be grounded to earth plane.

Physical functions influence: excretion and digestion; small intestine and colon; kidneys; sex glands/drive; reproduction; hips, legs, lower back rectum uterus.

Ailments: constipation; diarrhea; colitis; knees; sciatica; vaginal; hemorrhoids; prostate; ovarian; uterine; chronic fatigue.

Root Issues: accidents; homelessness; suicidal tendencies; panic.

Blockages: not belonging; not belonging (no roots); not able to make a living; not able to materialize goals.

Second Chakra—Svadhisthana located just above genitals.

Issues: sexuality, self esteem, personal power; need to control, extent hold onto emotions or let go.

Physical functions influence: ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, pelvic, lumbar spine, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine. Center for cleansing, purification, health; Endocrine function-liver, pancreas, spleen; metabolism, digestion, detoxification, immunity, balance of blood sugar.

Ailments: female reproductive, infertility, spinal disc, arthritis, urinary tract and kidney, diabetes, cancer.

Blockages: fear or difficulty with menstruation; menopause; need to mother or be mothered; relationship issues.

Third Chakra—Manipura located two fingers above naval.

Issues: when open, allows person to function normally even in time of distress; ability to connect, have long term relationships, love of family, home.

Physical functions: influences adrenal glands, profound effect on sympathetic nervous system, muscular energy, heartbeat, digestion, circulation, mood.

Ailments: Excessive abuse of adrenaline from stress produces ulcer, nervous disorders and chronic fatigue.

Blockages: Prevents energy from moving past diaphragm, energy cannot be transmuted from more mundane frequencies to those of subtle bodies and spiritual awareness. Cuts a person off from awareness of I AM self. Exclusive development of ego in consciousness.

Fourth Chakra—Anahata located eighth cervical vertebra of spine opposite region of heart.

Issues: move beyond diaphragm, from outer courtyard to inner of body temple. Begin to recognize “self” is beyond definition, a source of light, love, human and divine. Allows one to sympathize with vibrations of other astral entities so can instinctively understand energies and atmospheres; can combine with Anja center and project rays of healing, manifest miracles; gateway to astral body and hence regulator of emotional life.

Physical functions: Influences thymus, located in center of chest behind upper breast bone, whose main function is proper utilization of amino competence factor which helps create immunity to disease.

Ailments: heart, lungs, circulation, shoulders, upper back, immunity, stroke, angina and arthritis

Blockages: distorted proportion of anger, pain and fear; abuse other people; feel unloved, rejected, jealousy, grief, loneliness, relationship difficulties.

Fifth Chakra—Visudda located base of neck by third cervical vertebra, just below throat by Adams apple.

Issues: When open, become aware of mental body, can separate mental from lower (astral, etheric and physical) allowing for detachment, perception of dharma. Awareness that internal worlds are real; controls ability of expression; heavier frequencies of anger, pain and fear are transmuted into unconditional joy.

Physical functions: Influences thyroid-balance of entire nervous system, metabolism, muscular control and body heat production.

Ailments: headaches, migraines, sore throat, thyroid, TMJ, gums and teeth, ears, stiff neck, flu.

Blockages: inability to express feelings/ability to listen; exaggeration or crying.

Sixth Chakra-Anja located between eyebrows/third eye.

Issues: see clairvoyantly: communicate telepathically; heal through mental projection; can create new realities consciously to conform to dharma and resulting unconditional joy; flows of prana meet and distribute; clairvoyance, paranormal knowing.

Physical function: pituitary master control center of mind/body affects all other endocrines.

Ailments: eyes, face, brain, lymphatic, endocrine systems; cataracts, vision, hormone, mental, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s

Seventh Chakra—Sahasara (Thousand petal lotus) located at crown of head

Physical function: pineal gland

Issues: merge personal energy field with universal; merge feminine and masculine principals; not time, eternal presence; cosmic consciousness, enlightenment.

Ailments: Psychosis

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