9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy

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9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy & Their Ruling Princes

Order Meaning Attributes Spirit Of Ruling Princes
Seraphim Makers
of Fire orCarriers of Warmth
Understanding of God;Peace;Contemplation.
Love Michael
Seraphiel Jehoel Uriel Kemuel Metatron Nathanael Satan
Cherubim Fullness
of Knowledge
for God;Guardians of the Light & Stars;Spirits of the Harmonies.
Harmonies Gabriel
Cherubiel Ophaniel Raphael Uriel Zophiel Satan
Thrones Ophanim
in God’s Presence;Represents those seeking Wisdom;Celestial court to consider God’s Dispositions.
Will Orifiel
Zaphkiel Zabkiel Zophiel Raziel
Dominions orDominations Lords
Angels;Governs Physical Plane & Kingdom of Nature & Elements;Decides how to Accomplish God’s Goals.
Wisdom Zadkiel
Hashmal Zacharael or Yahriel Muriel
Virtues Shinning
Ones orBrilliant Ones
Courage to those whoPerforms Noble & VirtuousDeeds against Evil.
Movement Uzziel
Gabriel Michael Peliel Barbiel Sabriel Haniel Hamaliel
Powers Potentiates,
Dynamic Authorities
for the Forces of Darkness;Maintains Balance between Good & Evil.
Form Camael
Gabriel Verchiel Satan
Principalities Principal
of Earthly beings;Governs the Rise & Fall of Nations;In charge of Religions.
Personality &Time Nisroc
Haniel Requel Cerviel Amael
Archangels Liaises
between God & Man;In charge of Heaven’s armies in their Battle against Hell;Oversee Guardian Angels.
Free Metatron
Raphael Michael Gabriel Barbiel Jehudiel Barachiel Satan
Angels Sons
of Life
between God & Man;Guardians & Protectors;Adminsiter to Humans’ Needs.
Adnachiel or Advachiel Gabriel Chayyliel


Authors Details: from Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunson

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