Kabbalistic Saturn Clock of Right-Hand Side

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Kabbalistic Saturn Clock of Right-Hand Side

The Kabbalistic Saturn Clock of right-hand side symbolises the right-brain creative potential of human mind.


As we know, language scripts in the world are either horizontally written, scanned and read from left to right — like English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Sanskrit etc. — or from right to left like Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Aramaic, Hebrew etc. — or then vertically from top to bottom like Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc.

If we look at Judaism, Christianity and Islam — we would find that Abrahamic religious scriptures were descended in those Semitic languages, which are written, scanned and read from right to left — like Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic.

Before we move on further, we shall have to understand how the system works.

I begin with Colonisation process by Britain; when the Sun never set in British Empire. Where ever Britain colonised, they used to erect a clock tower in every city, every town and every village. Here appears the magical power of clock and numbers that how circular motion of time maintains law, order, structure and discipline. Numbers exude their power. The same applies to circular motion of time — the circularly moving power of numbers. This is the reason that makes Britain extremely obsessed with clock, time and old fashioned traditions. Even we ascertain that Co0rdinated Universal Time — also known as Universal Time  Coordinated [U.T.C.] or Greenwich Mean Time [G.M.T.] — the central time zone of the world — is associated with Britain.

Saturn denotes law, time, clock, order, structure and discipline. Number 8 vibrates the energy of planet Saturn. This is very interesting to note that country code of Britain or United Kingdom is 44 [4+4 = 8]; which also reduces to number 8 vibrating the energy of planet Saturn. 44 is a Master number.

Number -›11‹-, -›22‹-, -›33‹-, -›44‹-, -›55‹-, -›66‹-, -›77‹-, -›88‹-, -›99‹- are known as Master numbers, because in the scripts of both left-to-right and right-to-left writing, scanning and reading — they characterise the same value.

Who ever invented the idiom, “At the 11th hour”  definitely had realised that at the 11th hour of clock — a Master number, both the times of right-hand side and left-hand side meet with each other. Means at the last possible moment, the time of right-hand side reveals itself at the 11th hour in the material, logical & reasoned world of left-hand side causing urgency.

But the real problem crops up, when we realise that the script of standardised system, languages and numbers of the world are written, scanned and read from left to right.

Left-to-right writing, scanning and reading embody the energy of 3-dimensional material world. In 3-dimensional world, we experience reality in physical and tangible form. The world is so attuned to the script of left-to-right system, languages and numbers that we have forgotten our divine essence that can only be exposed through the frequent use of script containing right-to-left system, languages and numbers.

Blend of geometry and numerology is actually the practical application of Kabbalah. Temple of Solomon was a work of Kabbalah.

As in standardised form script — where frequency of numbers is increased from left to right — we can use script of numbers also in right-to-left sequence — just like the script of right-to-left languages. For example, number eighteen in right-to-left sequence will be 81‹- — in terms of writing, scanning and reading the script from right to left.

Writing, scanning and reading of right-to-left language scripts enhance the right-brain creative powers and spiritual potentials of human mind. Angels are assigned to every number. Angels of left-to-right number scripts are dense, heavy and 3-dimensional. Angels of right-to-left number scripts are embodiment of light and divine; and they are representatives of universal consciousness.

According to Kabbalah, human selves or souls are categorised into 5 levels of consciousness. These levels of soul are known as 1- Nefesh, 2- Ruach, 3- Neshama, 4- Chaya and 5- Yechida:

  1. Nefesh represents animal soul & lower self of physical plane or material world and 3-dimnesional reality; it is equipped with basic needs of survival.
  2. Ruach is the middle self or spirit level of consciousness, where love and emotions reside.
  3. Neshama is the intellect or higher self, which is experienced through human mind.
  4. At the level of Chaya, boundaries between the dimensions dissolve; this level transcends the worlds.
  5. The level of Yechida is very pure, sublime and transcendent.

Scripts of left-to-right languages or numbers vibrate at the physical plane or 3-dimensional level of animal soul or Nefesh. Human consciousness remains left-brain logical, material and earth-bound at this level. It can not cross into the next level. We see that Jews tie their left hand with Tefillin. This is a practical gesture to control their Nefesh & lower self or animal soul.

In this pictured Kabbalistic Saturn Clock of right-hand side, scripts of numbers are written, scanned and read from right to left in two inner rings.

Clock dial represents Saturn and rings of Saturn. Outer ring consists of standardised left-hand side energy of Roman digits. Two inner rings demonstrate right-hand side energy.

Rather than 1, 2, 3 . . . — basic unit of 001‹- represents one hundred of right hand side — 002‹- represents two hundred of right hand side — and the numbers on the dial go on until 0031‹- i.e. thirteen hundred.

The basic unit in this clock is fixed with 001‹- one hundred because it gives dominance to right-to-left time over left-to-right time.

The right-to-left time will always be 001‹- one hundred or one hour ahead of left-to-right time.

Numbers are written in such a way as if we are viewing them from center-point of the clock; and they are rightly visible from the center-point in circular manner.

I have added 0031‹- or thirteen hundred to make the day consisting of 0062‹- twenty six hundred hours or twenty six hours a day with two equal divisions of 0031‹- thirteen hundred hours in shape of day and night. So, the time of right-hand side will give extra 002‹- two hundred or two hours a day.

0031‹- thirteen hundred or thirteen is added because this number shows governance [number 1 or Sun] with law-making, time-lord, time-making, clock-making, wisdom, luck and prosperity [number 3 or Jupiter] — together with silent subliminal power of double Pluto [double zero or 00]. According to teachings of Kabbalah, the power and dominion are associated with 0031‹- thirteen hundred or thirteen.

The inner-most ring displaying & manifesting reverse order numbers shows dealing with past-life energy of retrograde planetary motions, when planets appear to move backward; and things from the past appear during retrograde planetary motions.

This Kabbalistic Saturn Clock of right-hand side brings peace in the environment; stabilises the weather; prevents from earthquakes; controls unpredictability of events; and wards off negative energy and chaos. This clock infuses divine essence in 3-dimensional reality.

The main tussle and clash of civilisations between the Western world and Islam is because Muslims are more attuned to right-to-left languages or are attuned to right-brain spiritual, intuitional & creative side and responses. And Western world is more attuned to left-to-right material, logical & reasoned side and responses.

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