Planet Mercury, Number 5 and Australian Cricket Team

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Planet Mercury, Number 5 and Australian Cricket Team

Australian Cricket Team is one of the top-ranked teams in the world. This is interesting to note that according to astrology and numerology, planet Mercury and number 5 have played significant roles in this Australian glory.


Australian Cricket supremacy started with Steve Waugh, who helped Australia to clinch 1987 I.C.C. Cricket World on South Asian soil with his match-winning performances. It was first ever I.C.C. Cricket World Cup triumph for Australia. Steve Waugh took over captaincy of the squad in late 199os. Australian team also won 1999 I.C.C. Cricket World under his captaincy; which was second title for Australia. His day & date of birth is Wednesday-2-June-1965. Planet Mercury dominates the life of Steve Waugh. He is born on Wednesday which is ruled by planet Mercury. His Sun sign is Gemini; which is ruled by planet Mercury. He holds 4 planets in Gemini [Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Mercury] fulfilling the definition of stellium; the sign, which is ruled by planet Mercury. He used shirt number 5; which also vibrates the energy of planet Mercury. Actually, it is Steve Waugh, who has set the winning streak for Australian Cricket Team.

Steve Waugh’s twin brother, Mark Waugh shares the same birth details as Steve Waugh. Mark Waugh is also one of the most prolific batsmen in Australian Cricket history.

When Shane Warne joined the Australian national side as a leg spinner, the team stature enhanced further. There is no doubt in the talent and capabilities of this guy; who amazed and defeated the best batsmen of his time with his magical deliveries. He is born on Saturday-13-September-1969. His Sun sign is Virgo. Pluto is also residing with his Sun sign in Virgo. The ruling planet of his Sun sign is Mercury. Shane Warne has used shirt numbers 5 and 23 [2+3 = 5]; which also represent the energy of planet Mercury.

Now Ricky pointing joins the list. He is one of the greatest players of the modern times. Ricky Ponting won 2003 and 2007 I.C.C. Cricket World Cups with Australia as captain. He scored an undefeated 140 in the 2003 final; and was awarded man of the match. He also led his team through an undefeated performance in 2007 I.C.C. Cricket World Cup. Ricky Ponting played a major role in Australia’s record 34-match unbeaten World Cup run. He used shirt number 14 [1+4 = 5]; which comes under the ruler-ship of planet Mercury.

Michael Clarke led Australia to secure their 5th I.C.C. Cricket World Cup title in 2015, which was jointly organised & hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Australia white-washed England in 2013-14 Ashes Series by 5-0 under his captaincy. Michael Clarke used shirt number 23 [2+3 = 5]; which communicates the vibrations of planet Mercury.

At the time of writing these lines, Steven Smith is the captain of Australia National Cricket Team in all 3 formats of the game i.e. Test, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals. He is born on Friday-2-June-1989. Another remarkable coincidence is that he shares the same date of birth with Steve Waugh and Mark Waugh i.e. 2nd June. Steven Smith’s Sun sign is Gemini; which is ruled by planet Mercury. He holds 3 planets in Gemini [Jupiter, Sun and Venus] fulfilling the definition of stellium; the sign, which is ruled by planet Mercury. Cricket Australia is very wise to choose Steven Smith as captain.

This is also interesting to note that 3 consecutive captains of Australia National Cricket Team used shirt numbers which represent the energy of planet Mercury: Steve Waugh [Shirt # 5 = Planet Mercury]; Ricky Ponting [Shirt # 14 = 1+4 = 5 = Planet Mercury]; Michael Clarke [Shirt # 23 = 2+3 = 5 = Planet Mercury].


Australia Natal National Astrological Chart; Tuesday-1-January-1901; 13:25 hours; Melbourne, Australia.

If we look at the natal national astrological chart of Australia, we will ascertain that Pluto and Neptune are residing in Gemini in the 3rd house. Mars and Part of Fortune are occupying Virgo in the 6th house. Both signs — Gemini and Virgo, are ruled by Mercury. These placements show true resilience of Australia — both as a nation and as a team in sporting arena.

I want to conclude this article with following remarks that planet Mercury, zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo, and number 5 have played major roles in successful performances of Australian Cricket Team. No doubt, this side is one of the most formidable teams in the world with consistent shiny display of sporting excellence.

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